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Criminal Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency



Update Date:2020-11-29

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

The administration’s responsibilities:


Prevent and investigate crime, present organized and economic crime, judicial police, communications surveillance work planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation.


Criminal evaluation operations planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation, and criminal case evidence inspection, assessment, fingerprint, DNA gathering, file appendage, utilization, and supporting major, extraordinary criminal cases’ onsite survey.


Criminal case documentation, crime intelligence gathering, processing, analysis and utilization, and relevant operations’ work planning, monitoring and evaluation, and its technical research.


International criminal operations’ contact, assisted response, cross-boundary criminal case investigation, and foreign-stationing police contact officer operations’ planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation.


Criminal technological equipment, technology, knowledge research and development, and supporting the investigation and crime prevention, assessment, anti-explosive and related equipment and devices standard formulation, planning, purchasing and maintenance.


Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao’s police administration work contact, coordination and criminal cases’ cross-boundary cooperation, assisted response.


Criminal operations’ supervision, orientation training, disciplinary work planning and execution.


Social law enforcement intelligence consulting and readiness, gathering, conveyance and utilization, and law enforcement status reporting, monitoring, commanding, coordination, and contact.


Major, violent, extraordinary criminal cases, weapons, guns and drug crime, organized crime, computer information technology crime, economic crime, violating communications laws and regulations and related criminal cases and other entrusted cases’ investigation, crackdown, support work and anti-explosive operations’ planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation, and explosive cases’ support and response. X.  Other relevant criminal police operations’ planning and execution matters.