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Criminal Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency


International Criminal Affairs Division

Update Date:2021-01-11

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

The functions of the ICAD are stated as follows:
  1. To communicate and collaborate with Interpol, NCBs of Interpol and other international law enforcement agencies.
  2. To conduct investigations on transnational crime and foreigner-related crime.
  3. To probe into cases on counterfeit passports and forged traveling documents.
  4. To pursue the most wanted fugitives who absconded to other countries.
  5. To enhance international cooperation, to exchange information and to build up relationship with other law enforcement agencies in the world, such as FBI, DEA, ICE, USSS, ATF, RCMP, AFP and so on.
  6. To attend international conferences.
  7. To dispatch, supervise and direct the police liaison officers.