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Criminal Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency


International Cooperation

Update Date:2021-05-19

Units:Criminal Investigation Bureau

Due to the rapid development of modern transportation and communication technologies, the world is shrunk into neighbors. There is positive significance in rapid and convenient transportation, but it also means that the criminal activites can cross the border easier and impact the other countries. Therefore, the cross border cooperation has become an important task of police and judicial institutes of every country.Since the establishment of International Criminal Affairs Division, in addition to communications with the member countries of Intepol, additional channels for cooperation are also developed to secure various criminal information, as well as to request for assistance, rapidly and effectively. These include FBI, DEA, Customs, Immigration, Tobacco, Alcohol and Arms Control Bureau of USA, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Drug Eliminating Bureau of Canada, law enforcement institute of Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, countries in South East Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and so on.
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