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Criminal Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency


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Publish Date:2023-10-02

Update Date:2024-05-02

Units:Criminal Information Division

Taiwan-Thailand Police Forces Collaborate to Apprehend a Main Suspect in Thailand and Seize Amphetamine and Marijuana(112-08-18)
  1. Commanding Unit: Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office
  2. Investigating Units: Metropolitan Police Bureau, Royal Thailand Police Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB), the Criminal Investigation Bureau’s International Crime Affairs Division and the 3rd Investigation Corps and the Taoyuan Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Corps and Zhongli Precinct.
  3. Date: August 18, 2023
  4. Location: Bangkok’s Lat Krabang district and Bang Na district
  5. Suspects: 6 suspects surnamed Chen (age 34), Lee (age 28), Lin (age 25), Chen (age 24), Chu (age 23), and Tseng (age 31).
  6. Stolen property and evidence seized:
    1. 600g of amphetamine and over 14kg of marijuana, both classified as second grade drugs.
    2. 17g of ketamine, 29 ermine pills and 1 narcotic-laced instant coffee packet.
  7. Case summary:
    1. During an investigation on a drug parcel, our police task force discovered that the mastermind behind the drug trafficking operations was hiding in Thailand. The task force immediately contacted and formed a joint task force with the Metropolitan Police Bureau in Bangkok and the NSB. At about 07:00 on August 18, 2023, the Thai contingent of the task force carried out operations in the Lat Krabang district after deeming it appropriate, apprehending 2 people surnamed Chen (who was wanted for involvement in drug-related crimes) and Lee, and seizing roughly 600g of amphetamine and over 14kg of marijuana.
    2. After further investigation, the Thai police arrested a person surnamed Tseng (who was suspected of being the drug source), his Thai girlfriend and 3 others surnamed Lin, Chu and Chen (the latter 4 all wanted for fraud and drugs) at a residence in Bangkok’s Bang Rak district at around 10:00. The Thai police also discovered 17g of ketamine, 29 ermine pills and 1 narcotic-laced instant coffee packet at the scene.
    3. Extensive investigations revealed that Chen and the 5 other wanted criminals had prepared to traffic drugs to Taiwan by concealing it within automotive drive shafts.
    4. In addition to successfully apprehending the main suspect behind drug trafficking overseas, this case also saw both Taiwan and Thailand’s police forces collaborate on intercepting drugs outside its borders, resulting in another victory in the cross-border fight against drugs.